Data Availability

Tabular Data Availability

NHGIS aggregate data are grouped by dataset and year. Each dataset's individual tables are then grouped by topics. Topics available for each decade may vary by geographic level. For example, county data in 1850 may cover fewer topics than 1850 state data.

Click here to view a list of topics covered by year.

Time Series Table Availability

Initial time series releases are mainly comprised of 100% count statistics from the 1970-2010 censuses for eight different geographic levels ranging from the nation down to census tracts. Ongoing releases are providing more sample-based data, including the latest American Community Survey data. For a listing of topics covered by the latest release of time series tables, see the Release Log. A complete listing of all time series table details is also available in this file:

NHGIS Time Series Tables Details (PDF) (0.5MB)

GIS Boundary File Availability

The table below indicates the geographic levels and census years for which boundary files are available. Please note that the extent of coverage may change from year to year. For example, census tracts covered only eight cities in 1910 and did not cover the entire U.S. until 1990. For more detailed information about the availability of state, county, or census tract boundaries, click on the corresponding row label.

 2011 20102000 1990 1980 1970 1960 1950 1940 1930 1920 1910 1790-
States (list)x xx x x x x x x x x x x
County (list)x xx x x x x x x x x x x
Census Tract (list)x xx x x x x x x x x x  
Block Groupx xx x                  
Block  xx x                  
   x x                  
x xx x                  
SMSA       x x x x          
SCSA       x                
x xx x                  
CCD/MCDx xx x x                
SubMCDx x                     
Placex xx x x                
UA  xx x                  
C-Cityx x                     
Trust/AITSx  xx                    
x xx x                  
ANRCx x                     
ZCTA   x                    

CDx xx x                  
State Legislaturex x                     
VTD   x x                  
SABINS 2009-2010  x                     
School Districtsx x                     
  • MSA/CMSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area/Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • PMSA/CSA - Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (1990-2000) / Combined Statistical Area (2010-2011)
  • SMSA - Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • SCSA - Standard Consolidated Statistical Area
  • NECMA/NECTA - New England County Metropolitan Area (1990-2000) / New England City and Town Area (2010-2011)
  • CCD - County Subdivision / Census Civil Division
  • MCD - Minor Civil Division
  • SubMCD - SubMinor Civil Division (Puerto Rico only)
  • UA - Urbanized Area
  • C-City - Consolidated City
  • Trust - American Indian Off-Reservation Trust Land
  • AITS - American Indian Tribal Subdivision
  • AIA/ANA/HHL - American Indian Area, Alaska Native Area, Hawaiian Home Land
  • ANRC - Alaska Native Regional Corporation
  • ZCTA - Zip Code Tabulation Area
  • CD - Congressional District
  • VTD - Voting District
  • SABINS - School Attendance Boundary Information System, 2009-2010 Academic Year